Delicious Chocolate



At over 70% as a minimum my dark chocolates mean business!

My dark chocolate is dairy free and with the exception of my salted caramels all other options are Vegan friendly. All my chocolate is gluten free.

Whether you like a hint of sweet to cut through opt for my salted runny caramel or hint of spice with ginger or chilli - I make something for everyone.



The most popular chocolate and not hard to see why...

Sweetened with my homemade honeycomb or freshened with mint or raspberry it doesn't matter all work very very well.

Popular across all taste buds is my traditional feuilletine praline, roasted hazelnuts and almonds, caramelised and mixed with tempered chocolate - scrumpticious.



The sweetest of chocolate. My preferred receipe of tempered white chocolate with fresh vanilla is simple yet delicious. However if you like to try different flavours my smooth white mint and raspberry white chocolates are big sellers. 


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