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A little about me & my business!

I love chocolate and this means I have the best job!

It's been a long, and at times challenging road. From starting almost by accident in a 3 hour chocolate workshop in Leeds to leaving HR to start my own business...but I wouldn't change it for the world. There's no greater joy than doing something you really love and I believe this shows in my chocolates.

All my chocolate is gluten free, I make my own honeycomb, praline, caramel & fondant for the soft centres to ensure I know exactly what is going into each bite. My dark range (with the exception of the caramel) is vegan.

I am continually increasing my range and I'm always open to ideas of what you'd like to taste next...


My dark, dairy free chocolate is smooth and decadent.

Paired with the sweetness of the soft centre rhubarb or a bit of spice with stem ginger or chilli - I make something for everyone.


Smooth, creamy chocolate with so many possibilities.
Salted caramel to Yuzu, classic peppermint to roasted hazelnut, all ssoooo good.


The sweetest of the three but just as moorish.


Delicious with fresh vanilla, cool peppermint or honeycomb.


Chocolate Gallery

"Whatever you need, handmade with love"
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