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Little introduction to the person behind Yorkshire Chocolatier...

I'm Sarah, self confessed chocaholic and chocolatier!

From a brief but very fun half day course in Leeds to running my own business the last 10 years have been an amazing and challenging time. I love what I do and like all small business owners still get a little heart leap every time someone places an order or takes the time to send me fab feedback.

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My Vision

My business has grown so much since the first time I decided to have a go at tempering chocolate. From making batches one bowl at a time in my spare time to moving jobs to facilitate growth to finally going all in, it's been a rollercoaster ride.

Nobody ever said running a business was easy but when you love what you do the rewards for your hard work are amazing...otherwise no one would ever do it! I enjoy building my range with new flavours and styles to tempt every pallet.

I have an fantastic support team; from Ian and Phoebe, to our families and friends. I have definitely called in favours over the years, luckily chocolate is good currency!

Now working from a self contained workshop in Cleckheaton I'm able to offer a completely gluten and peanut free environment. Find me on google maps (just type in Yorkshire Chocolatier) and follow the directions to come and build your perfect box.

I have gradually worked on my purchasing to become more environmentally friendly where I can. My boxes are nearly fully recyclable, only the cushion pad to keep them in place in the post is excluded. The clear wrapping I use on my hampers and the hamper itself are both recyclable. The clear trays is use in my bags and boxes are home recyclable, every little helps.

I am still working on the clear bags, unfortunately after trialling some it became apparent the home compostable element works rather too well if they are exposed to the outside during markets. We'll see where the manufacturers can get to on this one.

This year I would like to start running chocolate workshops so others can experience (as I did) the fun side to playing with chocolate.

Flavour wise I'm looking at a couple of new ideas which I get asked for frequently but I'll need to practise before I can launch so watch this space.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Sarah 07908 243789

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